1. Dogs have to be fully vaccinated according to their age.
  2. Dogs must be insured against liability.
  3. A lesson corresponds to a time hour.
  4. For the travel to the appointment 0,50 €/km will be charged (travel to and from the meeting point).
  5. The contract comes about with arrangement of the appointment. This can be by phone, Email, in person or in writing.
  6. Appointments take place in any weather.
  7. The fee is to be payed in advance without deduction for the whole agreed training. The customer is also liable to pay, if he doesn’t start the training or prematurely terminates it without reason. Unless he immediately proves important cause (e.g. illness).
  8. The lesson starts punctually. Lateness of the customer is borne by him and don’t entitle to reduction of the fee.
  9. Postponement or cancellation of the appointment by the customer has to take place at least 24 h previously. Otherwise the full hourly rate is payable, regardless of the reasons for the postponement/cancellation.
  10. Ms. Wonneberger can withdraw from the contract without any claim for reimbursement, when a customer breaches the contract or by his behavior poses a threat to the proper accomplishment of teaching or for third parties.
  11. Ms. Wonneberger reserves the right to cancel in case of urgency / important reasons for an appointment on time, or make a change of scenery. Such appointments are naturally rescheduled.
  12. A guarantee of success can’t be given, because the success depends on the customer.
  13. Picture, video or sound recordings during the training require the prior written approval by Ms. Wonneberger. The same applies to any commercial use and any publication.
  14. The customer gives his Ms. Wonneberger hereby express permission to picture, video and audio recordings during the appointments and the unrestricted use for training purposes.
  15. Participation is at your own liability and at your own risk. The customer is liable for all damages caused by him and his dog. This applies also for accompanying (customer-) dogs. Compensation claims by customers or their companions against Ms. Wonneberger (or a legal representative or vicarious agents) don’t exist, regardless of the legal reason, unless there is gross negligence or intent. Ms. Wonneberger is not liable for bodily injury, property or other damages, that a customer or his companions suffered by another customer or third party. The customer is to notify all his accompanying parties of this disclaimer.
  16. Changes or additions to the contract must be in writing. If any provision of these Terms of Use be invalid or void, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. The invalid provision shall be reinterpreted in an effective one that comes close to the invalid one.