VeraSince early childhood dogs are my passion. I could read them quite naturally and communicate with them, so there was a special connection from the very beginning.

“You are half a dog yourself ” I have heard frequently from a young age.

From the beginning, I have been able to gain experience with many different dogs and could tell, that somehow they are all the same (just because they are all dogs), yet each is an individual with its own personality, its own assets and capabilities. Communication with dogs has always worked easily for me, even if I previously had no scientific name for my actions. That came later.

As a teenager, I worked at the dog club. And I’ve quickly ascertained that prefabricated schemes and “one method for all” cannot work.
To this point I had already read a lot of specialist books and finally began1986 my career as a professional dog trainer at a renowned commercial dog school in Germany. Over the next few years I gained a lot of experience by working at various dog schools and with various coaches, both in Europe and in the USA. In addition to this I attended workshops, seminars and courses with renowned trainers and behaviorists. I have also expanded my knowledge and skills in the training of working dogs under professional guidance (rescue dogs, assistance / service dogs, detection dogs …). In addition, I have received insight into health / medical basics by working in a veterinary practice.

Mensch und Hund

So I have learned different methods, deepened my knowledge and was able to develop my own style. This is oriented very close towards the dog. I learned dog training by dogs, not by people.

Behavioral observations of dogs / dog groups across the diversity of breeds and mixbreeds and the living and working together with them were always the foundation for my way of dealing with dogs, their education and training. Where could you better learn what is right for dogs and works for them as by the dog itself?!
Since 2001 I’m officially appointed and sworn expert for dogs by Regierung von Schwaben (specialty: dog behavior in terms of aggression and danger to humans and animals). Since 2012, I am recognized as expert for dogs in the canton of Zurich / Switzerland.

Of course, further education and exchange with colleagues is still part of my professional work.

Naturally living with dogs – that’s what I’m doing and what I stand for!